Stucco Siding

  • Stucco is a masonry siding made from sand, cement and water. It is applied over wire lath fastened to wood sheathing. Color is added to the final coat or the stucco is painted after it dries.
  • Stucco is a durable, relatively maintenance-free siding. Elasteromeric paint can be applied over the stucco to make it even more durable and easier to maintain. Elasteromeric paint is a rubberized paint that protects and preserves the stucco.
  • You should inspect your stucco siding at least once and preferably twice a year. Early spring is a good time for the first inspection. You will be able to spot any winter damage. In addition, shrubs around your home will not yet have leafed, enabling you to easily view your siding.
  • During this inspection, look for hairline cracks in the stucco, vertical cracks running from the roof line or door or window openings, and bulges or holes in the stucco.
  • Defects in the stucco can be repaired yourself or by a qualified plaster contractor by repainting with elasteromeric paint.